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How do you want to get involved?  Are you looking for volunteer opportunities?  Do you want to foster a chicken for yourself or as a gift?  Would you like merchandise like t-shirts or stickers?  Click below for information! Have a question or another idea?  Click on the CONTACT link above and reach out to us.  Tip: social media is the fastest way to reach us.  Talk to you soon!



In order to preserve harmony between Ybor's business and chickens, the YCS plans volunteer events.  During these, we will clean and upkeep public areas and properties impacted by the chickens.  We will also hold events to make a positive difference in the neighborhood.


COMING SOON - On our social media, we introduce a new chicken every Monday.  Do you have a favorite?  If so, participate in our virtual fostering program and get monthly updates on your baby!


COMING SOON - Among other things, help us buy cleaning equipment, buckets, brooms, and landscaping materials.  We'd like to purchase and hang signage both (a) detailing the protections in place for our chickens and (2) describing their history.  Also, we want t-shirts and stickers for members and volunteers!

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