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Over the last several years, the Ybor Chickens Society has been building a presence on various social media platforms, and to date, we are roughly 9,000 followers strong. 


Due to the ever-growing and overwhelming support from the community, we made the decision in 2017 to go from running social media for our feathered friends to being a full-fledged community organization.  This way, we can both highlight one of Ybor City’s most unique charms and make a positive impact on our neighborhood.


While the chickens are the primary objects of our affections, we care about Ybor businesses and organizations, as well.  With that in mind, we aim to promote and preserve harmony between Ybor’s businesses and its cutest residents.  To achieve this, we have set the following goals:


  • To coordinate volunteer efforts to assist with the upkeep of public areas and businesses that are impacted by the chickens

  • To promote chicken-themed events to draw consumers into Ybor City and its businesses

  • To engage the community through a virtual chicken fostering and care program

  • To raise public awareness of the protections in place for our chickens and of their history in Ybor City.


And while we are not a traditional rescue, we can often offer some assistance – be it an informed suggestion or another pair of hands to help an animal in need.